Sunday, September 14, 2003

A lot of the time, people make jokes where the joke is that what they're saying is really crazy or fucked up.

Usually, I don't get those jokes.

Really, people say all kinds of crazy, fucked up shit when they're serious, and in comparison a lot of the joke stuff is pretty tame. Usually when people make those jokes, I think for a minute, then I'll nod and say "okay...". It's weird, sure, but not any weirder than the stuff I get on a regular basis from the people I hang out with.

Maybe I need to find saner friends. That sounds like it wouldn't be as much fun, though.

Anyway, my big problem is that a lot of the time it's not too hard to imagine a plausible explanation for the crazy statement, especially if you accept that most people are not particularly sane to begin with. Including me, for what it's worth, lest you think I'm being snooty or something.

Lately, I've had the title song from Brazil running through my head again. I have to say, opting to live in a fantasy world is certainly the happiest ending the Lowry character could have had, and as time goes by the idea of that dissociation as the (heroic?) triumph seems less and less weird.

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